Seasonal Use

Moyie River Ranch Resort is a seasonal resort. Members are not to use the resort as their full-time residence. Occasional winter use only. Any member abusing this privilege may be denied access into the resort during the winter months.

Resort Access

  • The front gate requires a key card. Persons requiring admission who do not have a gate key card will have to go to the office during office hours. Outside of the office hours, special arrangements with a friend or neighbor will have to be made.
  • No tampering with the gate including forcible entry or propping the gate open.

Speed Limit

The speed limit within all parts of the resort is 15 kilometers per hour. Failure to comply could result in a fine. Obey the signs.

Washrooms/Laundry Facilities

These facilities were designed for owners’ and guests’ convenience and are not a playground. Parents must accompany any young children to the washrooms and showers. Please be respectful and clean up after yourselves. Pets are not allowed in the washrooms at any time.


  • All pets must be on a leash when on any common area of the resort.
  • All pets must be under physical control including when on owners’ lots.
  • Please carry bags and clean up after your pet.
  • Do not leave your pet unattended at your lot while you are gone. Nuisance barking will not be tolerated.


  • No parking is permitted on any common spaces in the resort. Please keep the roads clear in case of any emergency.
  • Parking on neighboring lots is not allowed without permission of the neighbor in advance.


Living in a community means being respectful towards all residents. Quiet hours are from 11:00 pm to 9 am. Noise includes loud music, shouting, profanities and any other offensive conduct. Our resort has a zero tolerance for any verbal or physical abuse.


  • It is the responsibility of owners to maintain their lot in an attractive, clean and orderly condition. If not, the owner may be given 30 days’ notice to clean up their lot. If compliance not given, the Board maintains the right to hire help to clean up the lot and the owner will be billed the charge for the clean-up.
  • Prior to any building or development of any kind, owners must first acquire approval and proper permits from the Board.
  • Owners are permitted one RV per lot. A second RV unit may be allowed on a lot if the RV is registered to the member and approval has been granted by the Board. The annual fee is $300.
  • Recycling and garbage must be properly disposed of. Do not entice bears.
  • Lots with grass must be properly maintained. If you are not at the resort to cut grass, you must make arrangements to have a neighbor or outside contractor do it in your absence. A maintenance fee will be charged to owners neglecting their lot.


  • Fires must be kept to reasonable size and contained to a fire pit.
  • No burning of rubbish or other materials which are hazardous or cause unpleasant smoke.
  • Any fire bans or restrictions in effect MUST be adhered to by all members and guests of the resort.


Fireworks are not permitted within the resort at any time.

Off Road Vehicles & Golf Carts

  • Any excessively noisy vehicle within the resort is prohibited. This rule extends to ATV’s and mini-bikes. Off-road vehicles are permitted in the resort only to exit and re-enter the resort.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult on off-road vehicles and must wear protective equipment as prescribed by law.
  • Golf carts are permitted but must be operated in a responsible manner.

Outside Contractors

To maintain quality and ensure that all work is done safely, any contractor or tradesmen must be licensed, bonded and carry Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance. Outside contractors must limit time of service from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Also, the Board must be made aware in advance of any outside contractors coming into the resort.


  • The legal age in BC for consumption of alcohol, tobacco products or cannabis is 19 years of age.
  • No smoking allowed of any kind within 6 meters of the washrooms, office or shop including the decks of these buildings.
  • All members and guests must comply with BC Legislation regarding the use of cannabis. Within the resort, cannabis use is not permitted on any common spaces and only permitted on individuals’ lot.
  • The use of these products will be used in such a manner as not to impede others from the enjoyment of their own lot.


Trespassing on private lots is forbidden. Roadways must be used at all times. The Board may enter a lot anytime to inspect or repair utilities, follow up on complaints or other reasons deemed an emergency.


Excessive use of water should be avoided. Water conservation is important to the resort.


The Board and residents wish to maintain the natural beauty of the resort. Any owner wishing to remove trees, must consult the Board in advance. It is strongly recommended owners arrange to have dead or damaged trees removed from their property to prevent possible liability. If an owner does not comply, the Board will have a contractor remove the dead or damaged tree and the owner charged for all expenses incurred.

Garbage Disposal

  • Only household refuse is to be disposed in the garbage bins.
  • Absolutely no disposing of hazardous waste, tires, scrap lumber, logs, metal, stone, brick, concrete, car or truck batteries, recyclable materials, tools, lawn furniture, electronics or appliances, propane tanks or paint cans.
  • The burn-pit across the tracks may be used to dispose yard waste such as grass, leaves, tree branches and trees. Cardboard may also be disposed of here. Anyone caught disposing of anything other than yard waste or cardboard, will be fined.


Absolutely no littering will be tolerated anywhere on the resort.


No utilities may be altered in any way as the utilities are the property of the General Partner. Anyone caught tampering with the utilities, whether by owner or by contractor, will be fined and invoiced the cost of restoring back to its original state.


Anyone in contravention of the Resort Rules may be fined, with fines starting at $250.