2020 Season

Our season officially begins on April 10th! We expect to have water available at the shop and at the washrooms on April 10th, with water available at individual lots on May 1st. Kelly and Mike will be returning to the resort on April 15th. The office will re-open on May 1st.  We are looking for […]

Social Media

Our Facebook page is happily up and running again. You can search for it by title: Moyie River Ranch Resort, or by searching @hostingthedream in the search bar on your Facebook page. As well as important Resort info and updates, you will also find weather, recipes, lots for sale and much more. Remember to click […]

Frozen Water Lines

Due to an overnight cold snap, most of the water spigots at the resort were frozen yesterday morning (Oct 2). Mike, Tim and Dave worked most of the day to get the water flowing again. FYI, if you had a hose hooked to your water spigot, it is now unhooked and laying on the ground […]

Bear Alert

Once again there have been sightings of a black bear in the resort.  Please keep a close eye on your young children and pets, make sure to keep your lot clear of any attractants, clean up all food and garbage, and report any sightings to the office or the resort hosts.

Free Mulch

Currently there is a large pile of birch mulch located next to the burn pit.  Anyone wishing to have some for landscaping around their lot is welcome to come and help themselves.

Bear Safety Talk

WildSafeBC will present a Bear Safety Talk on Sunday, August 4 at 3pm at the Shop. Everyone is encouraged to come out and refresh and expand your knowledge about bear awareness and safety.  There is no charge to attend.

Bingo For Kids

Come out and enjoy the Kids Bingo taking place August 3rd at 6 pm at the shop.  Lots of fun, excitement and prizes! Bring your dabbers if you have them, or highlighters will be supplied.    Younger kids encouraged to bring sibling, parents or grandparents to help out with their bingo card.  Free for members […]


Please be aware that we are experiencing issues with the exit side of the gate due to a faulty sensor.  Therefore, the exit side of the gate has been left open until we can get the issue resolved. Thank you

Burn Pit

The burn pit is open for use.  It does not appear to be smoldering so the Board has deemed it safe to reopen.  A reminder to all that the burn pit is restricted to yard debris such as grass, leaves, weeds, branches, stumps and trees.  If you see anyone throwing anything other than yard debris […]