Elk Warning

CITY / LOCALITY: YAHK (approx.) DATE & TIME: 2020-09-19 08:56:32 ENCOUNTER TYPE: INJURED/DISTRESSED ATTRACTANT: NOT APPLICABLE OUTCOME: NOT SPECIFIED SOURCE: COS ABOUT THE SPECIES: Elk are a member of the deer family. As herbivores, elk feed upon a variety of vegetation including shrubs, grasses, sedges and leaves. Males and females live in separate herds for most of the year but during the […]

Warning Cougar in Area

CITY / LOCALITY: YAHK (approx.) DATE & TIME: 2020-08-30 17:30:56 ENCOUNTER TYPE: SIGHTINGS ATTRACTANT: NOT APPLICABLE OUTCOME: GONE ON ARRIVAL SOURCE: COS ABOUT THE SPECIES: Cougars are the largest of Canada’s three wild cats and are formidable hunters. Strictly carnivorous, cougars prey primarily on deer but will also hunt other ungulates and smaller mammals when the opportunity presents itself. Young cougars stay […]